Monday, September 06, 2004

Wiesenhof, Killarney

Monday, September 06, 2004

Service: * * *
Food: * * *
Ambience: * * *
Babe Count: * *

Back in Joburg after a delicious drive down to Knysna in the slinky li'l red sports car. Karen and I took off cross-country, and spent a night in Nieu Bethesda, home of South Africa's legendary Owl House. Wow. What a creeeeeeepy place! And totally amazing. There's a kind of psychosis present there that I found both unsettling and thrilling.

And the place we stayed at was amazing. Doornberg Guest Farm. If you're driving from Joburg to Knysna, I strongly recommend going to Doornberg. Strongly. What an excellent place. We were in "the cottage". It's a three-bedroomed palace. Seriously. And Karen and I got up to some particularly enjoyable D/s kinky stuff in front of the roaring fire.

All of this info about our holiday is all just a way of me avoiding the main topic of tonight... Harold.

Yup. Harold. He's just ripped my lungs out through my underpants. Beat me 21-12 at backgammon. Leaving me to mop up the remnants of my Ramble Scramble with a crust of dry toast. (This dish is very fundamental fare. Mince on toast and scrambled egg on toast. Lovely.)

Which probably means I'm not in the money anymore for this cycle. And Majid is keeping very mum about how well he's done. He's finished all of his games, but answers in non-sequiturs when I ask him. Which is probably his way of not having to tell the world that he's number one in the B-division.

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