Wednesday, June 08, 2005

My Flat, Cresta

Wednesday, June 8, 2005

Service: *
Food: N/A
Ambience: * * * *
Babe Count: N/A

Back from London now for a week and a half, almost. What a hectic and amazing mind-expansion. Flexed my credit card thoroughly. Gave two ka huna massages while I was there, improvising on the kitchen table at Paul and Pieter's place. Bought an iRIVER mp3 player on Tottenham Court Road for my ka huna practice. Saved about a grand in the process.

My massage bed has arrived, and my dining room has been transformed into my therapy room. Have already given two massages since I've been back. Yay!!! I'll be charging R350 for a 90 minute massage. So if you're interested, lemme know.

The reason I haven't blogged from London is simple and fundamental... my wonderful palmtop computer -- an iPAQ 2210 -- runs the Pocket PC platform. Which means that I am forced to surf the web using a stripped-down version of Internet Explorer. This version DOES NOT ALLOW ME TO ACCESS Blogspot's composer window! The browser crashes!

Now some might say, "Blame Blogspot for not optimising the site for people blogging from Pocket PC palmtops."

I disagree.

I say, "Microsoft! Stop lying to people about the software on palmtops running your crap operating system! Stop lying about this version of Internet Explorer! Stop claiming that the versions of Word and Excel bear ANY resemblance to their MS Office counterparts. GIVE ME A BETTER BROWSER!!!!!!! You fuckers!!!!!!!!!"

That's what I say. (And incidentally, I said something similar to Robert Scoble, Microsoft's chief blogger, but without the swearing. He emailed me back to say he'd get his techies onto it.)

Which is all to say, "Hey... I apologise for not blogging."

The post on the 18th of May was typed on my palmtop, and had to wait to be uploaded from my desktop machine. I've just been really busy since I got back, and have also been in serious hermit mode.

Damon and I shot a movie on Saturday. He wrote, directed, and shot the thing, and I was his only crew member, so I did everything else. It was a realllllll rush.

It was an initiative set up by The Actor's Centre at the Civic Theatre. They came up with this way of getting their members to get some experience in front of the camera. They got four writer/directors to pitch 5-minute scripts set in a waiting room. They ran casting sessions a week before the shoot, with rehearsals during that week. On shooting day, each director had exactly two hours to shoot, and one and-a-half hours to edit. The four films were screened on the night of the shoot!

Damon had amazingly detailed storyboards, and I spent most of the shooting time writing down timecode and evaluating the take for usability. We made it! And the audience loved his movie! (Might have had something to do with the actress. WHAT a babe!!!!)

On the domestic front, it looks like J and I are no longer in itemhood. She had a realisation that polyamory is not for her. So things have cooled drastically with her.

But that's allright. Cos I'm finding myself growing reallllly fond of M. She's serious babeage, and it looks like we're kinda taking things to the next stage. Eeek. Girlfriend/boyfriend stuff. And she'd prefer it if I don't get a replacement for J. And that's okay with me, even though I'll have to spend lots of time in therapy dealing with it. I don't wanna get all tunnel-visioned about her.

That's the news for now.

Be back soon.

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