Sunday, October 30, 2005

My Flat, Cresta

Sunday, October 30, 2005

Service: * * * 1/2
Food: * * *
Ambience: * * * * *
Babe Count: * * * * *

It's not that this Coffee-Shop Schmuck HASN'T been out and about. It's just that I'm now in a fulltime relationship, and she's moved into my place temporarily, and I'm digging it tons.

We've just had a Fontana chicken takeaway with a salad from Panarotti's, which was QUITE delicious. She's busy practising her singing for an audition, and I'm dreaming of having some tea and a TIM TAM. (It's a biscuit imported from Australia, available only in certain Pick 'n Pay supermarkets. If you're interested... head for the Melville branch at Campus Square.)

I've been doing tons of things.

For one, I've bought a tablet PC -- the Toshiba Tecra M4. And it's a serious wet dream.

For another, I've acted in a corporate video, which was damn cool. And I've been doing voice-over work too. I'm getting busy, mon.

For another, I delivered a creativity seminar for 23 teachers from various schools. Two of them were hotties. Hmmm. S was going to come to the seminar, but a voice-over session came up, and she had to miss it. Sad. It would have been nice for the two hotties to see me with an uber hottie. Heheheh.

For another, I finally wrote a redraft of my feature screenplay, HOME. It's now sitting online at, waiting for members of Francis Ford Coppola's online filmmaking community to crit. So far, I've had four people read it, and no crits yet.

I've also started gearing up to expand my ka huna massage practice. Did a massage two days ago. And loved being in the flow of it again. I've listed myself on So if you want a ka huna massage, I'm available on Wednesday and Thursday nights, and on Saturday afternoons. The charge is R400 for a one and-a-half hour session.

And I've been accepted into THE ACTOR'S CENTRE as a full member, which is really quite something. I'm taking classes with Daniel Buckland in physical comedy. We do a small show on Thursday, and my little Golem-like creature plays a neat role in the unfolding story.

In other news, Dick Richards, the author of a book that changed my life some years ago, has released a new book. It's called IS YOUR GENIUS AT WORK? And it's available for sale at Some months ago he contacted me and asked me if I'd be willing to write some comments on the book. He forwarded me a substantial wad of the book, and I loved it.

Here's what I'm quoted as saying on the first page of the book:

"I've found it easier to relate to clients and friends having named my genius. And I find it's a useful tool to offer to people so that they know how best to utilize my skills." -- Roy Blumenthal, Artist-at-Large

Dick and I have been in touch for years. I wrote to him ages ago asking if it would be okay for me to create a weekend seminar based on his work. He was delighted to let me do so. I ran a test weekend, and it was awesome. Ten of my friends benefited from learning the names of their genius. Mine is 'Guiding the Flow'.

I strongly recommend that you buy his book. And head for his blog. His thinking is life-changing. He's at

He's asked for guest bloggers, and one of my pieces will be appearing on his site sometime soon.

Thanks to Dick, I'm in a serious piece of re-evaluation space right now. I'm busy looking at how my blog comes across in the eyes of the world. The image I'm giving people of myself. I'm ready to take myself to the next level of earning, and the next level of making a contribution to the world.

So watch this space. Soon I'll be offering my services as a life coach and as a creativity coach. I've been doing some informal sessions with friends and acquaintances, and soon I'll be ready to start charging for it.

That's about it for now.

I'll catch you when I've got time.

Blue skies

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