Saturday, November 26, 2005

2005-11-26 Roy Blumenthal -- self portrait AND my girlfriend gets into WE WILL ROCK YOU

I'm busy scripting a piece of industrial theatre for a large candy manufacturing company in Durban. Will be flying there to present on Friday.

In the meantime, I've been going through the trials and tribulations of a major audition process -- by osmosis.

My girlfriend is an actress, singer, dancer. And she's just been through a most unbelievably tough audition journey. And made it to the other side!

S has been offered a role in the international hit musical, WE WILL ROCK YOU, showing from 6 May 2006 in Johannesburg!!!

(It features the songs of QUEEN, written by Ben Elton.)

I'm massively proud of her. Yeehaa! (And she turned down two other major musicals in favour of this one. And is on the callback list for a fourth one as I type.)

December is looking good. Got some income coming in. And am prepping a creativity seminar for the staff at an upmarket school in Sandton.

Coffee-Shop Schmuck reviews will resume as usual one of these days. Still in reinvention mode at the moment. So I'll probably just stick to updating my blog via my Flickr site.

Blue skies

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