Saturday, April 01, 2006

Illustration Friday: Spring -- 2003 flower thing

2003 flower thing
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This is my contribution to Illustration Friday: Spring. (You can head for the Illustration Friday website, or check out the Flickr Gallery.)

This pic came straight out of my subconscious back in 2003, when I was first experimenting with my iPAQ 2210 Pocket PC, running Mobile Atelier drawing software.

I was really just doodling. I have three plants in my flat. Minimal maintenance ones that require water every week or two. More like two. One of them, a massive fern, lives outside my front door.

A neighbour of mine noticed my neglect of the thing, and offered to water it for me. So he's been doing that for the past two or three years.

One day I got home to find that he'd tied the fern up with black cotton. Which I removed. The next day, the cotton was back. I removed it again.

When I finally bumped into him and asked what was happening, he explained, 'There's a lot of wind, and your fern's fronds are snapping off. So I just wanted to tie it so the wind wouldn't damage it.'

I almost asked him to stop watering the thing, but I knew that would be immeasureably more cruel to the plant than a bit of light bondage.

Anyway, he stopped tying it up, and it's flourishing, wind or no wind.

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