Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Sai Borg Mash-Up

Sai Borg Mash-Up, originally uploaded by royblumenthal.

So I can't resist a pun, yeah? What you gonna do? Smack me over the hairdo with a tennis racket?

As part of the Masters in Digital Arts that I'm doing, we've been asked to envisage and present a Cyborg in our seminar tomorrow. So I figured I'd offer this to Christo, our Prof with a sense of humour (hopefully).

I found the Sai Baba image on Wikipedia, where it's released under a 'no-restrictions' license. The Time and Borg pics are quite simply stolen. I searched using Google Images, and found them without any attribution. So sue me. Or hit my hairdo with a ray of gold light manifested from the very hand of Mr Baba himself.

I comped the two pics together in CorelDraw 10. I performed the hairdo mostly in Photoshop CS2. I created the headband and some of the finishing hairdo touches in ArtRage 2.2. And finally, I brought everything back to CorelDraw 10 to do the design.

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