Thursday, July 05, 2007

2007-07-05 Dogkiller Wifebeater

I know someone whose husband beat her systematically for around 23 years.

She left him.

He phoned her the other day, sobbing like I've never heard anyone sob before.

It sounded like a woman on the other end. The woman whose ex-husband it was couldn't work out who was on the phone. She thought it sounded like the wifebeater's sister.

She was kinda thinking that it was news of the wifebeater's suicide.

Suicide was on the cards cos the wifebeater had threatened to kill his wife, her family, the dogs, and himself if she ever left him.

Sadly, he hadn't committed suicide. It was him on the phone. Instead of committing suicide, he had committed murder.

His story is that he mistakenly let the dog get out of the gate. And it ran into the road. And was hit by a car.

His hysteria suggests otherwise.

Whatever the case -- at best, his negligence allowed their dog to be killed; at worst, he drove over the sweet little angel himself.

Who knows the real story?

This painting was made in ArtRage 2.2, on my Toshiba Tecra M4. Unfortunately, the dog (that's the animal on the top left) was injured in the making of this pic. And died. Shame on the wifebeater. Bad boy!

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