Monday, November 05, 2007

2007-11-05 Babybabybaby

2007-11-05 Babybabybaby, originally uploaded by royblumenthal.

Sitting in Doppio Zero. And the latest update to ArtRage 2.5 popped onto my system. So I thought I'd give it a whirl.

Just messing around, and decided to paint a reallllly miserable baby. I reckon it's cos I've been thinking quite a lot about abuse.

My neighbours three nights ago were screaming and shouting at each other. And then there was an almighty bang, followed by what sounded like flesh striking flesh.

And I decided to go and deal with the situation. Got dressed quickly. Shoes on. Went next door.

Two drunk youngsters. Him standing in the middle of the lounge. Her lying on the floor, half draped over a chair.

It looked bad.

I said, 'Hey guys, I heard some shouting and some loud bangs. So I just wanted to come over to see if all was okay.'

Kept my voice very calm, very reasonable. But I was in full combat mode. Proper stance. Ready to strike at any moment. The whole lot.

He said, 'Hey, thanks, it's fine. We're shouting at each other. I'm sorry. Didn't mean to wake you. She's pissed. Pissed! I fucking hate it when she's like this.'

And she looked up from the floor. No sign of any violence to her. And she slurred, 'Huh? Uh? Huhhhhh. Soooorrrry.'

And she kinda got to her feet almost, then toppled into the wall, and slid along it into the hallway, where she passed out.

'Hey dude,' I said, 'I'm just checking if there's any violence going down. And it would be better if you're feeling violent to just come round to my place, chill out, talk it down a bit. Is there anything hectic going down?'

'Hey, broe,' he said, 'nah. Nothing like that.'

It looked authentic. So I went back to my place. Jennifer was there. And we were both shaking. She came out of an incredibly abusive marriage. Her hubby was a complete prick. Still is, actually. And crap like this reminds her of the worst.

A little later, the dude knocked on my door. 'Hey,' he said, 'I'm sorry about that. I just wanted to come and say thank you for coming round. That's a really cool neighbour to do that. Thanks man. And I just want you to know that the two of us are never violent. And if you ever hear anything like this again, please feel free to pop round.'

And then we talked a bit of shit. Jennifer made tea. And then he went home.

And all through this, I'm just thinking, 'Ugh. Abuse. Not necessary.'

This painting was made on my Toshiba Tecra M4 using ArtRage 2.5 with cheesy continental music piped out of a speaker above my head at Doppio Zero in Greenside.

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