Monday, December 24, 2007

I think Alfred doesn't love me anymore...

Date: Mon, 24 Dec 2007 22:03:09 +0030
Subject: Re: thanks
To: Alfred Koffi <>

Please, Alfred...

What's happening with our deal?

Dude... Be reasonable! It's Christmas! I could absolutely USE a couple
of million US dollars.

I just want to check... We are talking about United States dollars,
aren't we? Cos I'd be reluctant if we were talking about Zimbabwe
dollars. Apparently it costs about five million Zim dollars to buy a
bar of soap!

I'm really not saying I need soap. Seriously... Please don't get me
wrong. I HAVE soap! My brother gave me some soap-on-a-rope last
Christmas. And I've never used it. It looks so good.

I've often wondered why my brother would even give me ANY present
whatsoever for Christmas. Since we're half-Jewish, we tend not to
celebrate Christmas. We accept gifts, of course. It would be stupid
not to. But I've never given him a Christmas present in my life. So
why the hell would he give ME one? And why soap-on-a-rope? It doesn't
make sense.

Please send me details about how we can proceed to make money together.

Your continued silence is VERY disturbing to me. In fact, it makes me
think that someone might have killed you. Please give me some sort of
sign that you're alive, and that we can proceed, and that it's US
dollars, and that my percentage split is safe, and that I'm going to
be able to score some serious serious serious cash before the new year

Alfred... Are you for real?

Blue skies, love, Roy

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