Monday, March 02, 2009

Alan Stevens makes me an entire marketing tip in an article in SPEAKER, March 2009

London-based media guru, Alan Stevens, honours me with a huge mention in the latest issue of the American magazine, SPEAKER. (To navigate to the story, use the 'Contents' tab on the magazine page, and go to page 32.)

In his column, BEYOND BORDERS, he offers eight marketing tips that he's picked up from his travels around the world.

He says, 'Consider using cartoon portraits or graphics to market yourself. They can make you stand out from the normal head-and-shoulders shot. I was "cartooned" by artist Roy Blumenthal in Durban, and have used the graphic very effectively.'

Not bad! Thanks for making me an entire marketing tip, Alan!

I've composited the cover, and clips from Alan's article into the top half of this picture.

The illustration at the bottom is a visual summary of a talk Alan gave at the annual conference of the Professional Speakers Association of Southern Africa last year.

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