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2006-11-18 Wang Yue Han

2006-11-18 Wang Yue Han
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I've spent a delightful afternoon with Wang Yue Han at Mugg & Bean in Parkhurst.

No... she's not Chinese. That's the name her friends gave her when she lived in Taiwan for a coupla years.

And yes... the standard artist's disclaimer applies... she looks much more gorgeous in real life.

Today was our first meeting. She's one of the gals I've encountered on my internet dating forays.

It's really cool. She's the fourth gal I've met this time around. And so far, ALL FOUR have been delicious! Wow.

What's even MORE cool is the fact that they're actually chosing to respond to my missives. I've asked them what makes me worth responding to. And they've all basically said that my description of myself is very unusual. And yeah... of course, I've gone out of my way to paint myself accurately, eccentricities and all.

So BDSM is on the table. Polyamory is on the table.

A question she asked me after a while: 'Roy, do you sexualise ALL the women that you meet?'

And that's a very deep and penetrating question. With a long and hesitation-filled answer.

On my blog, I portray myself in a specific way, for specific effect. My blog- persona is an aspect of me, but isn't the entire me. So yeah... on the blog, I sexualise women. I do it for humorous effect. I do it to give the impression that I'm a salivating, lascivious eccentric. It's to make my blog more readable.

At the same time, in real life, there's a part of me that definitely sexualises all women. I DO look at most of the women I meet as potential sex partners. Not cos I want to have sex with them. But cos that's part of who I am... I'm a carnal creature, and I'm not ashamed of that at all.

However, I'm also a way deeper creature than that. I DON'T act on my sexual side very often at all. It's just ONE little factor. For me, it's far more important for me to be respectful to women (and people in general, actually, seeing as I'm a non-genderist). So, no, my sexuality isn't often on the table.

Also, I flirt. A lot. But my flirting is not directed. By this, I mean, I'm actually not trying to score by flirting. I flirt because I love to flirt. I seldom take advantage of my flirting skills to actually pick a gal up. There are exceptions to this.

So. Yue Han and I will indeed be seeing each other again. And I'm definitely seeing at least three of them again. And I'm still meeting one or two others who I've been corresponding with.

Sheesh. I dunno if blogging about my dating is GOOD or DANGEROUS. My policy is to have my cards on the table always, so I can't see it harming anyone. I'm not using the dating site for cheap scores. I'm trying to use it to generate possible relationships. So, seen in that light, I reckon honesty is the best policy. Even if some of the girls read this and think, 'Aaargh! Run a mile! This guy's a monster!!!!'

This painting was made in Mugg & Bean Parkhurst, with Yue Han sitting before me as my live model (I didn't work from a photo), using ArtRage 2.2 on my Toshiba Tecra M4 tablet pc.

Ambience: 3 stars out of 5. Food: 3.5 stars out of 5. Service: 2.5 out of five. Babe Count: 5 out of 5.

Oh... one more thing... yup... she's a VERY sexually attractive gal.

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