Wednesday, June 20, 2007

2007-06-20 Geoff & Shekha

2007-06-20 Geoff, originally uploaded by royblumenthal.

I was at a long and fruitful client presentation this morning. Left my place at around 6:10am.

The meeting went really well. But there was a section of the meeting that had very little to do with me. There was a bit of a tussle between the client and one of the other service providers.

So I decided to bite my tongue. I've contracted to Blue Moon on this one, and we're there to supply content, and I'm doing the creative direction on it, as well as writing it.

This means that it's not appropriate for me to stick my nose in when the bickering starts.

Which left me to play with my tablet pc. I was taking notes in Microsoft OneNote, and I had doodled Geoff, the client, in black lineart. While the tussle was happening, I decided to export the pic from OneNote into ArtRage, via CorelDraw, so that I could do some colour work on it.

This is the result.

When we finally broke for lunch, I popped it onto a memory stick for Geoff, and handed it to him.

'Oh, no!' he said. 'No! I don't like it at all!'

Graham (from Blue Moon) said, 'Better not show that to your wife, Geoff. She'll fall in love with you all over again.'

2007-06-20 Shekha

Shekha also started off as a doodle in the same client presentation. She was also distinctly unflattered by the lineart version.

I enjoyed the process I followed in making the Geoff pic. So I thought I'd give it a shot on this one.

Really had fun with it.

This painting was made on my Toshiba Tecra M4 tablet pc. The lineart was doodled in MS OneNote. I copied and pasted it into CorelDraw. Then exported the image as a jpeg. Finally, I pulled it into ArtRage, and started colouring.

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