Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Phishing attack -- purporting to come from Absa bank

Click this pic for a clear view of the text:

If you see one of these in your inbox, go to the institution in question and send them a copy of the email. (Go directly to the site in question without clicking any links on the email itself. The email will take you to a duplicate site that LOOKS like the institution in question. It's all fake.)

Then, if you're using Gmail, report it as a phishing attack, and it'll be deleted. If you don't use Gmail, delete the mail.

Do NOT click on the link. If you're curious, when you receive a phishing attack, you can hover your mouse over the link, and look at the address bar at the bottom of your browser. In this case, the address comes up as something at ''. Does that sound like a legitimate Absa address to you?

I've screengrabbed this with 'Show Details' on. Notice the 'Mailed-By' field. It's ''. You can easily see that that's nothing to do with Absa if you delve into the innards of the message.

But the rule is this: your banking institution will never send you a request of this kind. Ignore them.

The telling part here for me is that I'm not even an Absa client.

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