Monday, October 08, 2007

Damon Berry of the Rising Sun -- Collage2

Damon Berry's a great buddy of mine. He's just finishing the tweaking of some of his poetry/song recordings, and he's going to release the album online.

Yesterday he gave me a call and said, 'Hey! There's an awesome art exhibition on at the Joburg Art Gallery! Wanna pull in?'

So Jennifer and I went along with him. And we took Jennifer's camera. And mucked around taking strange pics of each other in the gallery.

Because we weren't allowed to use flash, the pics were pretty fuzzy and out of focus. But they were pretty cool. And I decided I'd try and play with an unusual (for me) technique in Photoshop to get them looking groovy.

So here's one of them. It's for Damon's album cover art (if he wants it).

The way I made the two collages in this series was quite simple. I used the photo as reference. Then I used the lasso selection tool to hand draw paths, which I then inverted, and simply deleted unwanted bits of various found textures. Once I'd done the basic building of the image, I used various layer blending to mess with the colours and contrasts. Voila.

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