Friday, April 04, 2008

NSASA Convention 2008 -- Alan Stevens

Alan Stevens is a UK-based keynote speaker, conference host, and after-dinner speaker. Amongst other things, he coaches people on how to be more media-savvy.

His keynote at the NSASA Convention 2008 was all about getting free publicity, and how it's really worth a fortune.

Which is why the name 'Alan Stevens' is all over this post. It's cos he's worthy of the publicity. He's an expert at what he does. And really understands the world of media.

He's going to be interviewing me sometime this weekend about visual facilitation for his podcast. That'll be great.

Here are the pics I've made so far at the NSASA convention, 2008.

The National Speakers Association of Southern Africa has a convention every year.

The three-day programme is crammed with top-notch, high-level speakers. And that's just the audience members!

On the podium are the cream of the crop.

I'm sitting in the room with my trusty tablet pc attached to a video projector. Each session, I pay serious attention to what's being said, and I paint my interpretation of the ideas being delivered.

My role is to supplement the speaker, not to overshadow them. I try to gauge the tenor of the speaker's talk, and angle my pictures towards their particular personal style of delivery.

It's making me very happy to find that people in the room are happy with what I'm doing.

All of the pictures here are available for free download, and may be used for whatever purposes you see fit, within the boundaries of the Creative Commons License I release all of my work under.

Please take a look at the title deed: Creative Commons -- Attribution, Share-Alike.

Thank you to everyone for allowing me to make a difference in the room.

All of the paintings in this group are made live, on the fly, in the room, while the speaker is delivering his or her address. I currently use a Toshiba Tecra M4 tablet pc, running ArtRage 2.5 painting software.

I am a professional member of the National Speakers Association of Southern Africa. You can view my profile at

I am available for international gigs. Please email me on or call me on my mobile: +27 74 104 6386 to book me.

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