Tuesday, July 08, 2008

2008-07-08 Done!!!

2008-07-08 Done!!!, originally uploaded by royblumenthal.

A short while back I was working on a piece of scripting, and I was suffering from terminal procrastination. Very much the same as I'm doing now.

I decided at the time to draw myself a motivational picture depicting a reward for finishing the script.

I drew this little caricature of myself in a hammock on a desert island, enjoying the satisfaction of being done with my scripting duties.

Now, while procrastinating on my current script, I figured I'd do a quick colouring job on this pic.

And naturally, the 'quick' job took two hours. They were FUN hours, don't get me wrong. But they weren't SCRIPTING hours.

At least I can claim that this picture is useful as a possible training resource. Kinda along the lines of, 'You've got five minutes to finish your task...' and then popping this on screen when the deadline hits.

But back to reality. Somewhere in the back of my brain, the script is emerging.

Now for a little nap.

This painting started off as an ink sketch in my li'l Moleskine. I scanned it, then messed around with colour in Photoshop CS2. All on my Toshiba Tecra M4 tablet pc.


  1. Hi Roy,
    This is Amy Stewart from Dallas, TX-- not sure if you remember me, but I discovered you on the Artrage forum about a year ago. I just rediscovered your blog again and have really enjoyed reading your posts and looking at your art. I've just started my own first blog at www.stewartdesignweb.com along with some of my artrage scribbles, so please come take a look when you get a chance!

  2. So very cool of you to comment, Amy. And I enjoy your Doodles site-design.

    One of the illustrations there looks like it could be related to something I saw on a doodle competition I judged recently.

    The artist's name is Rick Hauck. Take a look at his party-hat dude on the right: http://www.jonnyspartay.com/?p=63


    Glad you're getting deeper into ArtRage. I'm kinda hoping they release a Photoshop plugin. That would be the ultimate.

    Blue skies

  3. I suffer from chronic terminal procrastination. Is there cure? More coffee maybe?


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