Saturday, July 19, 2008

MoneywebLife -- Roy's Quick Draw -- I wonder how the wealthy live?

Mandy de Waal asked me if I'd like to do a post in her new feature on Moneyweb. The feature's called 'MoneywebLife', and you can find my contribution at 'Roy's Quick Draw'.

I'd love it very much indeed if you would head to the page and leave a few comments. I'm going to be a regular contributor to the site, and your comments will help keep my pic in the public eye. Thanks in advance!

I told Mandy I'd be delighted. She sent me the deadline details. And the topic -- wealth.

I got snowed under with work at Blue Moon. I'm finishing off a six-month stint there on contract as a creative directore. So I'm tying everything up.

As a consequence, I kinda took my eye of Mandy's ball. I sent her a message via Twitter, saying, 'When's my deadline for the pic?'

She sent me a respnse saying, 'Noon today.'

So I took a pic I'd made previously, and crafted a new caption. And lettered up the title of the column -- 'Roy's Quick Draw'. And sent it to her.

She sent me a tweet saying, 'Laughed out loud!'

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