Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Using CrazyTalk 5.1 to Make a Talking Animated Self Portrait


I made a quick self portrait in ArtRage to test out my newly purchased piece of software -- CrazyTalk 5.1.
  • Opened CrazyTalk.
  • Imported the painting.
  • Placed the Mouth, Eyes, and Nose points.
  • Masked out the background with a single click.
  • Recorded a voice track.
  • Chose an emotion.
  • Published.

The entire process took less than five minutes. And the little 30 second vid below is just the tip of the iceberg. There's so much more I can do with the software.

Suffice to say that I'll be finding a way to incorporate this into my visual facilitation practice.

The little speech bubble containing the link to my visual facilitation portfolio online is something new to YouTube -- video annotations. You can place them wherever you want in a video. Also amazing. Very useful. Makes YouTube a very good teaching tool.


  1. Hey Roy - crazy, awesome idea and very well done. See - I found the gap! Paul du Toit www.presentwithconfidence.co.za

  2. Great comment, Paul! Seeya on Friday when we animate your caricature! Thanks for the phone call.

  3. Roy, looking forward to seeing the results of our session - you're a treat to work with! Paul www.pauldutoit.net

  4. Right now, I'm working on something for Jennifer, and your animation is next in line. Stay tuned!

    (Did you see the testimonial I got from Keith Wilmot of Coca-Cola Co?)


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