Monday, April 18, 2005

Just updated the books section of this blog

Just spent a coupla hours migrating my books section to a new blog, SchmucknewsBooks (it's the link labelled "books" in the menu bar).

It's much easier to navigate and update than the old version.

And hopefully, the Amazon revenue I earn will allow me to buy more bookshelves. I have piles and piles of books in my flat. Quite seductive, actually.

I will also be adding new booklists. For instance, I've got a few selected titles on BDSM. I've also got a few on property investing. So hopefully the lists will stay fairly dynamic. Do check out what I've selected from my shelves and lemme know what you think.

And yes... every single book on my various lists IS in my home, and HAS been read by me. And I can tell you that not even 5% of my books will make it to this site. Just too many.

The five-year-old nephew of an ex-girlfriend came to visit me once. When he walked in my front door, he said, "Roy! You live in a library!!!"

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