Tuesday, May 16, 2006

2006-05-16 S

2006-05-16 S
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This is my spunky galfriend, who prefers me to call her 'S', for reasons of professional propriety. (I get to call her by her real name when we're in bed. I also get to call her 'Sweetheart' and other words of that ilk.)

She realises this is a ridiculous state of affairs, but figures that her anonymity in my blogs and on my Flickr gallery is a spicy, enticing thing.

I said to her, 'So if someone gets the program of WE WILL ROCK YOU, it's gunna be VERY difficult for them to go down the list of actors matching up names?'

She said, 'I'll think about it. But it's quite fun being anonymous too.'

I've been hanging around the cast of this show, drawing them. And I've created a set on my Flickr gallery. Feel free to visit and leave your comments. It's at: Cast and crew of We Will Rock You, 2006

This picture was drawn using a reference pic snapped on my Nokia 6600, drawn in Alias Sketchbook Pro 2.0 on my Toshiba Tecra M4 tablet pc.

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