Monday, May 14, 2007

2007-05-13 Kyle's Batperson tattoo

My girlfriend's sister is dating Kyle Lindsay, a founding member of the former LINDSAY McGUIRE BAND. He's now formed a new band called ELUSION, and he's well on his way to rock stardom. (You can listen to some of his tracks on Elusion's MySpace page.)

J and I were visiting her mom for mother's day, and I whipped out my tablet pc. Kyle dug it. And he asked me if I might consider doing a tattoo design for him.

He sketched out a very rough version of it on my tablet, and together, we messed around with it to make it a neat, evocative artwork.

It's a pic of BATPERSON (that's the non-sexist way of naming BATMAN) blowing the bats out of his brain with a revolver.

This is just a preliminary scamp, and it's more for the atmosphere than anything else. The actual tattoo will have to be pretty different. More detailed, for one. More recognisable too. And much simpler. I think I'm gonna have fun with it.

This painting was made by Kyle Lindsay and me on my Toshiba Tecra M4 tablet pc running ArtRage 2.2 in J's mom's living room, with about 120 decibels of family noise in the background.

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