Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Trying out Zooomr as an alternative to Flickr

When I submitted my story about Flickr silencing artists to DIGG, one of the replies I got was from Thomas Hawk at Zooomr.

Here's his message:
Hey feel free to send your art to Zooomr. We are happy to have both you and your artwork and will not Nipsa you. If you are also a blogger we are giving free pro accounts for bloggers.


So I'm giving Zooomr a try. And using this blog post to take advantage of the free Pro account they're offering to bloggers.

From what I've seen of the site, it's a kind of a pared down Flickr. Doesn't seem to have any communities, nor any way to make sets. But I'm open to correction. That's really just a first impression.

I must say, if it's just hosting I want, Flickr kinda does the trick. It's more the community aspect of it that excites me about Flickr, and which disappoints me bitterly about being made invisible to people.

But who knows? Zooomr is in Beta at the moment, and things might change.

This drawing is one of my early ones on my palmtop. It was made using Mobile Atelier on an iPAQ 2210 with me standing listening to music at CD Wherehouse in Rosebank.

[UPDATE:] I've just been looking around the Zooomr site, and found something called 'Smart Sets'. I'm not sure yet, but I THINK this might be the same as 'Sets' on Flickr. But it uses a different creation system. This one allows you to create an automatic set using various criteria. For instance, 'This set must include any tag that matches this criterion... (etcetera).'

So, if you're a disciplined tagger, that'll be good for you.

There's another feature called 'Portals' which I haven't investigated yet. But it seems to be a collection of pics to do with some or other topic you stipulate.

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