Tuesday, October 04, 2005

My Flat, Cresta

Tuesday (later on in the evening), October 4, 2005

Service: * * *
Food: * * *
Ambience: * * * * *
Babe Count: N/A

Something I wanted to write about earlier, but SURVIVOR interrupted...

Isn't it interesting that I've made just over US$20 from Clicksor ads?

The interesting thing about this is that just 8 cents of those dollars come from THIS site.

The rest of the revenue is coming from the sister blog to this... http://schmucksearch.blogspot.com.

It's a blog that I occassionally update showing the search terms used to reach my site. Because I'm a bit foul-mouthed in THIS blog, I sometimes use risque words. Which get logged by search engines.

So when someone does a search for "self licking contortionist", the search engines don't realise that the word "self" in one article of mine, and the word "licking" in another entry, and the word "contortionist" in yet another ARE ACTUALLY NOT CONNECTED. Dumb search engines! And YES. That's an ACTUAL term used to find my page.

Now because I'm listing the search terms, every time someone searches for one of the terms on the list, my site comes up as a hit. And the more I update my site, the stronger I become on the search engines. It's a kinda self-propogating thing. A vicious circle, if you will.

I've figured that I oughta make some spending money off this phenomenon. Hence all the odd advertising you'll find on that site.

But the INTERESTING thing about this whole advertising phenomenon is that people who visit my actual blog ARE NOT clicking through on ANY of the adverts.

But strange perverts looking for depraved search strings ARE clicking. I don't REALLLLLY know what this means. But I suspect it means that my loyal readers aren't interested in advertising. While the one-hit wonders are just looking for anything that'll give them a fix on their kinks.

Please lemme know in the comments box if you'd like me to remove all advertising from this site and leave it all on the search terms site. Does the advertising here bother you? Does it bother you that I've got kinky stuff on the search site? Lemme know what you think.

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