Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Valentine's Day night, and I've just finished an intense scripting session for a client

It's Valentine's Day. Well, night, actually. And I'm sitting in my study typing away, listening to CASSETTE. Awesome South African band. Gonna go far.

S is doing a dress rehearsal of MACBETH at the Civic Theatre in Braamfontein. Opening night is on Wednesday.

[Update: I just realised... Wednesday is tomorrow! I've been thinking today is Monday.]

Yeehaaa! I've got my ticket. And I've even put a note on my palmtop reminding me where I've stashed the ticket. (In the back of my Moleskine, if you're wondering.)

Today was scripting day for a client. I met with Bryce late morning for a brainstorming session. He and I are collaborating on a piece of Flash animation for a company seeking vast amounts of money to launch a new company. It's a delicious project, and we're both having tons of fun. I love this stuff, man.

Of course, doing the scripting DID keep me at Mugg & Bean in Cresta for the better part of a working day today. I sent the draft off, and the client loved it, with some suggested changes. I've just finished implementing some of those changes, and also arguing against certain of them.

What I love about this particular client is that he's amazingly broad-minded and creative in his own right. So he speaks sense when he speaks. And he isn't stuck in his ego. It's very gratifying doing work with a client like this.

So happy Valentine's Day night. I'll be waiting up for S to get home from the theatre. It'll be post-midnight. But I've got a little present for her. And yes... it's something to wear.

(On another tack, Microsoft maverick, Robert Scoble, is doing an experiment to see how the various search engines deal with blogs. He's asked bloggers around the world to put the word 'brrreeeport' into their blogs to see whether or not sites like Google main, Google blog search, Feedster, Technorati, and IceRocket pick up on things.)

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