Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Dulce Door Sign

Dulce Door Sign, originally uploaded by royblumenthal.

I was sitting in Dulce coffee shop in Centurion yesterday with J when I noticed a terrible sign on the door.

Someone had scrawled a very untidy, nasty sign saying, 'Please use the next door'. It was pug ugly.

I had my computer on. And I thought I'd do them a small service. So I took a snapshot of their logo with my phone, bluetoothed it to my tablet pc, and quickly made them a colourful design.

I nipped off to the print shop next door and ran off three 6"x8" photo prints.

The way to use the sign is to simply snip off the arrow that's facing in the wrong direction.

I presented the prints to the manageress.

She said, 'Uhm... it's... uh... nice. But, you know, uhm, we don't really NEED a sign. It's just cos of the cold weather, you see--'

I cut her off. 'I should have explained,' I said, 'I did this for you for free. I saw some people looking confused, and I had my machine on, and it's really a pleasure to have done it for you.'

Her face lit up, and the hesitation in her voice disappeared. 'Oh, thanks very much! I hear there's another cold-front coming. So it's going to be VERY useful. Please come back for some coffee soon!'

J and I had to go to Woolworth's to get some groceries, and when we passed the shop, the manageress had already made the required snip, and put the sign up.

If you own a Dulce store, feel free to download this graphic and use it as you like. If you own any other stores, just Photoshop out the logo, and feel free to use it for your own purposes.

This door signage was painted in ArtRage 2.2 on my Toshiba Tecra M4 tablet pc in a cold Centurion, near Pretoria.

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