Friday, February 29, 2008

Andy Beal's 'Marketing Pilgrim' -- a groovy read, and a chance to win goodies like the iPod Touch

I came across a bloke on Twitter called Andy Beal. He's an internet
marketing whizz, running the site, Marketing Pilgrim.

He runs contests every now and again. This one --
-- gives people the chance to win an iPod Touch.

He's a cunning fellow. And practices what he preaches. He's generating
tons of link love to his blog by encouraging people entering his
contest to spread the word.

If I win just by entering, I get an 8gig machine. If I tweet the link
on Twitter, I get the 16gig machine. And if I tweet AND blog the link,
I get the big daddy... The 32gig iPod Touch.

This is great for Andy, cos it gets a specific link out to a lot of
sources. So when Google and Yahoo and Technorati crawl the web, they
find that Andy Beal is one majorly serious player. So his search
ranking skyrockets.

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