Sunday, April 20, 2008

Roy and Jennifer avoid a hijacking

Jennifer and I had another brush with South African rainbow-culture
earlier today.

(When I say 'another', I'm referring to Friday morning's armed robbery
outside our front gate that Jennifer drove through, missing a hail of
bullets by 5 to 10 seconds. Two police officers were critically
wounded in the shootout.)

We shrugged off a hijacking attempt on us, on our way to the Digital
Life Expo in Sandton.

Not a too-terrible experience. More of a sudden fright accompanied by
major adrenaline. Jennifer was at the wheel.

We had a dithering 'idiot' driver in front of us, delaying pulloff
from the traffic light on Katherine St outside Pinmill Farm in Sandton
heading away from Bowling Ave towards Graystone Drive.

There was also a car taking up both lanes behind us. I was just saying
to Jen, 'Overtake this fucker NOW!' when a tree branch arced its way
down to hit the windscreen bang between Jen's eyes.

Whoever was in the tree pulled it back up to reset the trap for
someone else. The two cars that boxed us melted off and disappeared
within seconds.

If we'd slowed or stopped, we would have been done for.

We got to the expo in one piece. Had some food. A cup of coffee. And
some bitter conversation about what messages the universe was sending

We surmise that the universe is saying, 'Guys... Toronto NEEDS people
like you. People immune to gunfights. People with iron nerves. People
not scared of a little bit of post-traumatic stress. Cos guys...
Toronto has ice hockey. And it's NOT FOR PUSSIES!!!'

We hear you, universe. We hear you. You can stop speaking already, okay?

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