Thursday, August 04, 2011

Women's Leadership Journal -- Roy's "Shower Creativity-Capture" Featured

A while back, I tweeted about one of the ways I make sure my creative ideas don't end up bubbling down the drain.

The technique involves sticking white, self-adhesive, shelf-wrap onto the shower wall, and suction-cupping a pencil to the apparatus.

When inspiration strikes under the water stream, I simply pop the pencil into action, and write the idea on the wall.

Pencil works brilliantly on plastic, and it's excellent in both wet and dry conditions. What's more, shelf-wrap allows you to erase old stuff easily using a normal rubber eraser.

The tweet tickled the imagination of Debby Edelstein (@DebbyEdelstein), editor of THE WOMEN'S LEADERSHIP JOURNAL.

She asked me to take a photo of my shower setup, and asked if she could feature my idea in her journal.

I couldn't resist the idea of my shower appearing naked in a women's journal. So of course, I said yes.

Find the July 2011 edition online at

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