Monday, April 18, 2005

The Codfather, Morningside

Monday, April 18, 2005

Service: * * *
Food: * * *
Ambience: * *
Babe Count: * *

The backgammon club is trying out a new venue for winter. Wiesenhof in Killarney has closed down, it appears. And The Fan in Bryanston isn't really suitable for winter play. So we're trying out The Codfather in Morningside.

The difference between this place and other places we've been at is that these guys actively WANT us playing on their premises. We didn't ask them. They asked US. Which makes a great change. It indicates that they value our custom, and might even offer us superior service.

I'm playing Sophia tonight, and I'm a little bit early. I ask a waiter where the backgammon people are. It's encouraging that he knows what I'm talking about. He shows me a flight of stairs, and I ascend.

There's Sophia and Peter and a few other players. They're VERY early. Obviously intent on sampling the place. "Hey Sophia!" I say. She greets me back, just as warmly, a huge smile on her face. "What's happening in the real world?"

She says, "The usual. We're doing Carte Blanche doccies at the moment."

They've cleared out their conference centre for us. Lots of tables specially set. A waiter, Bruce, assigned to us only. Sophia has ordered sushi. So I order some maki rolls for myself.

We start our. I make one or two extremely dimwitted plays, and Sophia punishes me appropriately. But we're remarkably even all the way through the match. Neck on neck, actually. Chasing each other. One taking the lead. Then losing it.

The sushi arrives, and we pause the match to enjoy it. I've ordered the local fish sushi, and it's damn well made. I'm impressed. Sophia spreads a thick layer of wassabi over her maki, and pops it into her mouth.

I say, "Jeepers, Sophia... is this a new form of suicide bombing??? Wassabi head explosions?"

She chews, swallows, and her face DOESN'T go red. No steam comes out of her ears. "I think this wassabi is old," she says. "It doesn't have much bite."

We continue playing, and I go 17--16 up.

I order a Milo. But they don't have Milo. I order a Horlicks. But they don't have Horlicks. "Do you have hot chocolate, Bruce?" They do. He brings it. And it's reallllly weak. Weaker than the wassabi.

Suddenly, I'm sitting with a cube on two, and the dice are all going my way. I decide to play for the gammon, which, if I get it, will win me the match. It's risky, cos if I DON'T gammon her, she could easily turn the tables, and it's quite a volatile position. But the dice gods smile upon me, and I gammon Sophia, and I win the match 21--16. Viva!!!

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