Monday, March 06, 2006

Intense preparation for my creativity seminar for school teachers tomorrow

I'm in intense preparation for a full-day creativity seminar I'm delivering tomorrow. I'll be doing loads of interactive stuff with around sixty school teachers from around Gauteng, all aimed at helping them (1) be more creative in the classroom, and (2) liberate the creativity of their learners.

Something I'm doing differently this time is that I'll be using a set of Powerpoint presentations to illustrate some of my concepts. Thanks to inspiration from Missing Link and Presentation Zen, I'm confident that my slides will add value to my seminars, rather than cluttering things up and detracting. And I've spent at least 20 hours over the last month browsing through stock.xchng, an online repository of free photos. And I've found some amazing stuff.

Now it's back to work wrapping a mystery prize for one of the activities.

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