Tuesday, October 23, 2007

What am I proud of today -- classroom poster

Jennifer, my girlfriend, teaches fourth graders. Lately, we've been chatting about how to enrich the learning experiences of the kids.

I'm in the habit of asking myself three questions every night before I go to sleep. I ask, 'What did I learn today? What did I contribute today? What did I enjoy today?'

I told Jennifer about the questions, and she thought it would be a good idea to start the school day off with a little one-minute meditation on a particular question.

So I'm making five posters for her to use. One for each day of the week. There'll be the three questions I ask myself. This one: 'What am I proud of today?' And a fifth one: 'How have I touched someone's life today?'

She'll be choosing three kids at random to share their answers with the rest of the class if they choose.

You're free to use any of these as resources in your own classroom or training situation. Please go ahead.

The resolution of this pic means it's cool to print it to around A2 with no hassles. It might even be fine up to A1. Enjoy!

And please let me know if you get any super results from this.

I made this painting in several stages. Firstly, it's based on a sketch from one of my Moleskine notebooks. Secondly, I messed around with the pic in Photoshop CS2, getting the layout right. Thirdly, I painted the lettering and colouring in ArtRage 2.5. Lastly, I did the texturing and finishing back in Photoshop.

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