Monday, September 15, 2008

Fwd: Feedback and time to chat/meet

Hiya Peter...

Sadly, this saga continues. I think it must be pretty tough being in
your shoes right now. Virgin Mobile can't be the easiest place in the
world to run with your people continually dropping the ball.

Eddie phoned this morning, and left a message letting me know that
there were some exciting options he'd like to discuss with me. I was
shooting my promo at the time, so was only able to get back to him
much later.

When I spoke to him, he made the very kind offer of letting me have a
loan N95 until the N96 is released later this year.

That sounded generous and awesome, and I was pretty chuffed about it.
We arranged for me to pop round the Virgin Mobile office later in the
day, and he'd give me the phone.

When I got there, I realised that I didn't know where to park. So
Eddie suggested I just wait outside the building. Which I did. He then
came down and met me at my car. He had a phone and charger with him.

The phone is an N81.

I feel like I was rushed and pressured into taking a phone I have
absolutely no use for. I was in traffic. And there were cars coming
and going. And Eddie even pointed out that I was blocking the exit for
a car. He pretty much shooed me off.

He handed the phone through the window, and pointed out that the phone
was damaged -- scratches on it, and a cracked top-right corner. I
signed the release form. I have to say that in retrospect, I have no
idea why I even allowed it into my car.

I drove away feeling as though I'd just taken part in a Hillbrow drug deal.

Before I even got home, I was emailing Eddie from my current phone,
saying I'm returning the phone tomorrow.

Peter... I don't know what's happening with your company. Either you
sanctioned Eddie's handing me an old, cracked, N81, or you didn't.

If you did, then I don't know what to say to you. Except that this is
not a solution to the shoddy service I've received in this entire

If you didn't sanction this, then your people are pretty much doing
their best to shut your business down. And I imagine that you're
probably spitting mad right now. I hope so.

My instinct right now is to cut my losses with Virgin Mobile, and just
go elsewhere. But my girlfriend says sense must prevail. You went out
of your way to take control of this situation. You did so on a Sunday.
And I owe you the respect of honouring your intention.

But Peter, this cycle of poor attitude and poor service and corner
cutting has to stop.

I'd also like answers about what happened with Mark Jackson. Why
didn't he contact me over the weekend? Why didn't he call me back to
give me a solution to getting my phone on Friday already? Why did
Na'eem not get back to me? Why did Eddie give me a broken old phone
when he promised me a Nokia N95?

I don't know that I can trust your company. And I'm mystified at how
this nonsense can be happening.

This email to you is also going straight to my blog. My modus operandi
is to work with as much openness as I can.


---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Roy Blumenthal
Date: Mon, 15 Sep 2008 15:33:24 +0030
Subject: Re: Feedback and time to chat/meet
To: Edmund Reddy

Hi Eddie...

Thanks for the N81. But dude... It's useless to me. I'll be bringing
it back tomorrow morning.

I've got a meeting in Rosebank ending at 10. So if you're in the
office around 10.30, I'll pop round and hand it back.

Eddie... This phone isn't even close to a top of the range Nokia. It's
an old, cracked, last generation phone. No, dude. This leaves a quite
a bad taste. Let's sort this out properly.

If you're going to give me a loan unit, please make it an N95. Or
let's call it all quits. And I'll go to another provider.

Thanks. Roy

On 9/15/08, Edmund Reddy <> wrote:
> Hi Roy,
> I have just tried to call you on your mobile, thought I might have some
> luck with getting hold of you. I must really apologize for the
> experience you have encountered whilst trying to get another mobile.
> After having a chat with Pete, I can say that we do have some options
> for you regarding the new handset.
> Pete has been kind enough to get you a loan unit, most likely one of the
> top handsets in the Nokia range, that you can use in the interim as the
> Nokia N96 will only be available towards the end of this year.
> I can however arrange the Nokia N95 and will be more than happy to get
> it to you by close of business today. I certainly do hope that we can
> mend the relationship with you.
> Regards,
> Edmund Reddy
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