Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Here's looking at ewe, kid! -- rotting sheep's heads at Durban Docks

On our way to Wilson's Warf on the Durban Docks, the road narrows. You look down onto a mossy stretch of sand and water.

We looked down.

And looking back up at us were five or six decapitated sheep's heads, all resting on the sand.

I leapt out of the car with Jennifer's camera, and made my way down to the sand.

I can't even begin to describe the stench. But I had to brave the smell to get a photo or two.

I was okay for the first click or two. But I looked up and saw Jennifer crouching near the car. I thought she was gagging. And that stirred my own gag reflex.

The vomit streamed out of me. I averaged one minor hurl and one major hurl per photo taken. Suffice to say it was a short session. But I think I got at least two decent pics.

But it's a haunting scene for me. What the heck were those heads DOING there? Who threw them out? Why? Why doesn't someone clear them away?


  1. why do they chop off the heads of these poor animals?

  2. Hiya...

    I THINK I've worked out what these heads are doing on the waterfront.

    Jennifer and I chatted to some foreign physics post-doctoral students who were on the Sharks Board boat with us.

    We told them about the sheeps heads. And they mentioned that they'd been walking around the markets near the dock. They'd noticed a meat market area, where sheeps heads were being sold as food.

    They said it was around midday when they got there, and the smell was really bad.

    Jennifer and I figure that these heads were basically just dumped by one of the market sellers. They were probably 'past their sell by date', and rather ripe, and needed dumping.

    That would be the simplest answer. I truly don't think there was anything symbolic or satanic about it. (There was nothing accompanying the heads to suggest anything sinister.)

    I can tell you that that's the closest I've gotten to anything so disgusting. Not rushing to do it again. Man, it was bad. Ye gods.

    Blue skies


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