Thursday, January 13, 2005

Mugg & Bean, Killarney

Thursday, January 13, 2005

Service: * * * 1/2
Food: * * * *
Ambience: * * *
Babe Count: * *

Sitting here reading through a goal setting book called MAP 4 LIFE, which I've just bought on my bloated credit card. One of the sections is about managing your money. What money??? Heheheheh. I love my overdraft, don't I? Pity I'm right near the edge of it.

At the next table, five teenage-looking boys and a sizzling redhead girl are talking loudly about living their art. The loudest guy there has long hair and a t-shirt that says "Hungover".

He says, "I'm recording my demo tomorrow. In a REAL studio. A REAL fuckin' studio, broe! Where fuckin' real musos go! I dunno who's recorded there, but it's the big okes. I'm telling you!"

I'm in the very last days of my gig directing GO_OPEN, the tv series delving into the open source movement. I've been on a long break since the end of the year, and today was my first day back at the edit suite. It was very good fun. Great to see Riaan again. And we're editing a story I did on the Hartebeeshoek Radio Astronomy Observatory. Brand Jordaan, our cameraperson, is an amateur astronomer himself, and the footage he's shot is mouthwatering.

I haven't been idle during my break. I've been looking into lining up various other projects. But I fear the end of the month will be somewhat bleak. Might have to sell some unit trusts. Eeeek. But hey. That's what they're here for.

This year, I want to start building real financial wealth.

I've got a wealth of other wealth... lots of art on my walls, tons of books, litres of music.

I've got lots of potential polyamorous girlfriends that I'm slowly getting to know, so my heart is brimming.

I'm making loads of my own art, and my friends are making art of their own too, so that's abundant.

Spiritually, I'm preparing to answer my shamanic calling, whatever that might be. I'm feeling it pressing down on me. (All the books I have on the topic talk of shamans being called kicking and screaming.)

And before me, the supper Precious has just brought. I've opted for the South African breakfast, and she's been kind enough to leave out the mushrooms and give me bacon instead. The corn fritter is delicious.

I'm hoping the rock star will break out in song, but they've moved onto a new topic. "Monash University is much better than Wits, broe, trust me!"

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