Saturday, January 05, 2008

Let's make tons and tons and buckets and truckloads of bucks, Presley!

Presley! Dude! You and I are in luck! Deluxe luck! Not only do I WANT
to help you, but I also NEED to help you. Cos I've had financial
'needs' of late.

But more than that... I happen to live in South Africa! So we can even
hook up and have a cup of coffee together if you're keen.

There IS one SMALL hitch though. I'm deeply unhappy with your
remuneration terms. I know I don't have to do A LOT of HARD WORK. And
that my role in this transaction is actually quite trivial. BUT... I
still have to insist on a fair percentage.

Will you up your offer? Will you let me know? Is the Pope a sodomist?

I'm so looking forward to your urgent response. I really want to make
some mighty dosh with you! You and I can become tight chinas and hang
out together.

Come on, bru! Make my day! Make me rich, baby!

On 05/01/2008, Davis <> wrote:

I am Mr. Presley Davis, bank manager with a Private Bank in South Africa; I
am also the account manager to an American businessperson based in
Johannesburg South Africa by name Mr. Morris Braddock, who died through
fatal road accident in year 2005.

I am writing to solicit for your
assistance in transfer of funds left in his account being USD14.5M for
disbursement amongst us and subsequent investment of my share of the
transaction over there in your country.

If interested in this offer please
reply to ( so that we can proceed by effecting the
necessary changes required to be made in your favour on my bank data base
system whereby your name shall appear as the next of kin to Mr. Morris

This will give us a smooth platform to officially launch
application for the payment of the funds in your favour: Please do note that
your share for participating on this exercise shall be 30% of the total sum
transferred to your account, 5% shall be used for any expenses that would
have been incurred by either party during the cause of the transaction such
as taxations on the funds both here in South Africa and over there in your
country, while the remaining 65% will be mine.

I await your reply,

Mr. Presley Davis

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