Monday, June 30, 2008

Classroom Innovations by Roy and Jennifer -- Balloon Tests

Jennifer is one of those teachers you wish you'd had when you were at primary school.

She has parents fighting with each other and with her headmaster trying to get their kids into her class. And she specialises in teaching right brain-dominant kids how to liberate their creativity and their intellects.

She's never made a kid stand in a dustbin facing the wall, for instance. (Yes... I've BEEN in a dustbin, facing the wall. Thanks to Miss Light, Grade 1, at Colin Mann Primary School in Germiston. Hope you died a miserable death, Miss Light. Or was it Miss Love? Bloody hell. I'm not recalling!)

We've been discussing how to get her knowledge out into the wider world.

That's when a brainwave struck. I love innovating. And illustrating. She loves teaching, and creating beautiful ways of making learning more loving and fun and enjoyable. And her classroom is already a laboratory of innovation. So what we're doing is jotting our ideas down, and we're going to be putting a book together for other teachers to benefit from her experience and wisdom.

This page is a first stab at finding a style for our book. I like the informality of this. But I'd love to hear reader opinions. What do you feel about it? Is it readable? Is it fun? Does it convey the concept fully? What would you want to see changed? Do you have any innovations that you'd like us to consider for the book? Drop me a note in the comments section! Thanks!


  1. Roy, love the concept, but why go paper? What if you and Jennifer create this as a Wiki-type concept, which is available under your management as an online resource to teachers? So they need to do a particular project, run a special lesson, or get some new ideas for presenting something and they go to the RoyJen site for inspiration?

  2. Ah, Clive! Thank you! Thanks to this comment of yours, I've investigated the whole wiki idea, and I've signed up for a free wiki.

    I'll zap the URL in here as soon as I've figured out what to do with it!

    Thanks hugely! Great call!

    Blue skies


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