Friday, June 27, 2008

Jesus-in-a-Jar -- an equal-opportunity offender

I thought I'd try going below the limits of my own grossness. I've always known that I'm capable of transcending (is that the right word?) all known limits when it comes to grossness.

But I didn't know I could get THIS low!

An ex-girlfriend and I came up with a pretty grotesque idea... to put foetusses in snow globes, and sell them as souvenirs at abortion clinics.

Yesterday in the bath, a flash of inspiration almost drowned me with its radicalness.

Yup... these little souvenirs can be customised and sold at almost ANY place of religious worship.

We've got Jesus-in-a-Jar. Mohammed-in-a-Mug. Moses-in-a-Magnum. Krishna-in-a-Carafe. And finally, Buddha in a bottle (here we only use very big foetusses... real feeders).

I figure if I'm going to offend someone, I might as well offend EVERYone. I apologise for not having anything to do with Scientologists. I just couldn't think of the appropriate container. Hubbard-in-a-Humidore? I dunno.

If you're going to kill me for this, I'd appreciate it if you wait till I'm about to die of old-age. Thanks. Knew you'd understand.

This pic was sketched into my Moleskine notebook while my hands were still moist from bathing. I then scanned it, and coloured it in Photoshop CS2.

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