Sunday, July 01, 2007

2007-07-01 Illustration Friday -- Twist -- J taking Roy down

With Illustration Friday's topic this week being 'Twist', I thought it would be a good time to pull out all the stops.

So I asked J to put a move on me that she learned from Benjy. It's the old 'disarm the assailant by taking control of his punch and turning his own power against him' move.

I'm a willing participant in her experiment, cos I've been through it enough times with white belts to not get injured myself. The good news is that she's got much more control than a white belt, so she's not going to injure me by mistake. She'll only do that if she actually wants to.

Here's the way the move works.

o Observe your opponent.

o When he or she throws a punch, be ready for it.

o Catch the fist, and turn it in towards the body, down, towards the groin. (This is a gentle twist. No force needed. The assailant is already doing all the work.)

o Because of the momentum, the assailant effectively disarms him or herself.

o But the best thing about it is that the human body's mechanics make it impossible for the assailant to retaliate. He or she is completely at the mercy of the person that got attacked in the first place.

Heeheee. J is a good student.

This painting was made in ArtRage 2.2 on my Toshiba Tecra M4 tablet pc, based on a reference pic taken by Benjy while J and I were sparring. No animals were harmed in the making of this picture. And Arnica Gel realllllly helps for sore elbows and wrists. Reallly reallllllly.

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