Saturday, May 20, 2006

2006-05-20 Malcolm Terry

2006-05-20 Malcolm Terry
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I got home tonight to find that the whole area is in darkness. Power failure. Probably to do with the intense cold Johannesburg is feeling right now.

I had planned on having a nice hot bath, a Woolworth's dinner steaming from the microwave.

Instead, I'm sitting in Fullstop Cafe in Parkhurst, having just had a chicken and chili linguine and three decaff cappuccinos.

I also charged my phone, which had gone dead, and fired up my tablet pc, which was on the last 15% of battery power.

And promptly did a pic of Malcolm Terry, who plays 'Pop' in WE WILL ROCK YOU.

Malcolm is pretty much the funniest dude in the show. His comic timing is impeccable. I totally respect this guy. He really understands how to make people laugh, and how to keep them laughing. And he's got a gravelly, worn-in, blues-rock voice. Damn. He's good.

(Malcolm originated the highly successful Joburg Follies series. And in 2000, S made her professional debut touring with that show for a full year. Picking up tricks from Malcolm in the process.)

This pic was drawn using Alias Sketchbook Pro on a Toshiba Tecra M4 tablet pc, using a pic I snapped of Malcolm on my Nokia 6600.

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