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2006-05-26 Brian Schimmel

2006-05-26 Brian Schimmel
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Brian is the musical director and one of the keyboard players in WE WILL ROCK YOU. Awesome muso. Very cool guy.

If you're ever watching the show, and you're sitting in the main auditorium, near the middle, turn around and look for some television monitors mounted on the balcony. You'll see Brian in the monitor.

Basically, because this show has the band out of sight, the actors can't see the conductor. So they put a camera in front of him, and feed that to the monitors. This means that every actor can see Brian.

And if you know Queen's music, you'll know that it's very precise. And some of it is six part harmony. So Brian's got quite a job there.

(You can tell I've seen the show three times now. Normal audience members wouldn't want to look away from the stage to see what Brian Schimmel is doing on the monitors. Hehehehehe.)

The third time I saw the show was last week Tuesday. My girlfriend S was called on Monday by the company to say, 'Stand by. There's a chance you might be going on as Scaramouche tomorrow night. If that's the case, there'll be two tickets for you.'

So they confirmed the next day, and S was awesome. I'm hoping she'll go on several more times over the run.

This drawing is based on a reference pic I snapped on my obsolete Nokia 6600 phone, and was made using Alias Sketchbook Pro 2.0 on my Toshiba Tecra M4 tablet pc at The Manhattan Grill in Cresta, Johannesburg, after a pepper burger.

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