Monday, December 31, 2007

Hoosgot the answers to your questions.

David Sifry (http :// took a mere 48 hours to
create a Web2.0 app that truly demonstrates -- and puts into action --
the power of social networks.

His new tool is called 'hoosgot' ( and And it's a way for anyone to get stuff
they're looking for. And 'stuff' could be information or things.

The word 'hoosgot' is a phonetic spelling for the phrase, 'Who's got...?'

As in, 'Hoosgot a Kindle they don't really want, and can send it to
Roy in South Africa?'

Or, 'Hoosgot any idea how to upgrade a template to the new
widgets version without losing all your old formatting?'

Or maybe even, 'Hoosgot a way to get George Bush impeached before the
Third World War he's started spreads all over the world?'

If your blog pings, just using the word 'hoosgot' will
get the post parsed by Sifry's innovation, and open your question up
to a huge community of people who might be able to answer it.

In order to access your answers, you do one of two things:

1. Go to the site, and check the comments section of your
query for responses.

2. Follow the RSS feed for the comments in your blog aggregator (I
used to use the free Now I use the free Google Reader.)

One thing Sifry mentions is that this system will only work if you
work it (some twelve step resonances there, I suspect). He means that
it's a community tool, which works through reciprocation. In other
words, don't only post questions. Sometimes, post some answers too.
It's a give and take situation.

I'm posting this as an email to from gmail on my
cellphone. So I'm not sure how links are treated. Hopefully they'll be
live. If they're not, you'll need to copy them into your browser. And
I'll rectify that when I'm online from my computer.

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