Sunday, December 23, 2007

I'm gonna be rich! Phishing message... Urgent Message To You?

I just received this very promising message from my long lost pal,
Harith Ahmad. He wants me to trust him. And there's a vague chance he
wants you to trust him too.

Here's his proposal to me. What do you think I should do???

From: Harith Ahmad <>
Date: Sat, 22 Dec 2007 11:06:04 -0800 (PST)
Subject: Urgent Message To You?

Dear Friend

Please make a hotel reservation for me and tell me the nearest airport
to you and await for my arrival.This is a transaction of $11m (eleven
million USD) from a genuine source and duly certified.It is my
inheritance with full legal right.

I trust that with you I will be able to invest on the right business
to maximize profit and grow my money.I am not resident in your
country,pls be my partner,receive me well and 20% of the total fund
is for you.Trust me.

Harith Ahmad
479 Valley Road,
Valley Park # 12-04

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