Sunday, December 23, 2007

My eager response to Alfred's letter of 'thanks'

On 23/12/2007, Roy Blumenthal <> wrote:
Ah, Alfred! (I apologise if I'm being very forward. In my culture we
believe that a person's first name is very much a part of their soul.
And it's rude if we use surnames. But I do understand that maybe your
culture is different. I want you to know that I respect and admire the
French. You are French, are you not?)

You're too clever for me! You SAY you want to work with me, but you
neglect to mention my percentage split.

I want guarantees. I want to know that I can trust you.

I don't want to trust you 1%.

I don't want to trust you 10%.

No, Alfred. I want to trust you 100%.

So how can we work together when I don't even trust you 0%?

Prove your loyalty, big man. I eagerly await your message assuring me
of your honesty. And of your ability to circumvent the law for mutual

If it weren't for the fact that I'm a fairly religious half-Jew (I go
to shul for the first half of the Friday night Shabbos), and a
slightly religious half-Christian (not the bottom half, I assure
you!), I MIGHT be inclined to believe that your intentions might not
be godly.

So. I'll remind you. Where's my proof? I want at least 50% of the
US$23.6 million.

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