Sunday, December 23, 2007

My response to Alfred's kind offer in his email, 'My Regards'

Hi Alfred...

I warn you, dude... I know what your racket is! You're going to try
and give me only 30% of US$12.5!

I'm telling you this now... Don't bother getting back to me if we're
only talking 30%!

I want your deep assurance that I'll be getting a MINIMUM of 45%.





I think it's best if I remind you about what happened to your friend,
'Harith Achmad'. That sardonic bastard promised me a mere 20% of US$11

I warned that son of a bitch that there would be consequences if he
didn't up my cut to 35%. I told him that my underworld associates
would 'deal with him' if he messed me around.

Sadly, that poor orphan got 'scared' into silence. Well, that's what I
tell my friends. In actual fact, Harith is now 'enjoying' the
'affection' of Madame Tricolor. And you know what THAT means.

So, my friend, let's get this off to a good start. I'm being
reasonable. Are YOU willing to be reasonable? Or must I call in some

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