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2006-11-19 Hotel Ilness

2006-11-19 Hotel Ilness
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I'm at Doppio Zero in Greenside. Had a lovely second date with one of the gorgeous gals from the dating site.

We chatted a little about Polyamory. And it's something she's keen to engage with.

I asked her what form it might take for her.

At first, she said, 'I'd like two boyfriends.' Then she thought about it, specially as I'd been telling her about the time I had two girlfriends, M and J.

It's quite a lot of, uh, hard work being the 'central person' in that kinda relationship. And one of the reasons she wants to try polyamory is because it feels to her like a solution to too much intimacy. (One of the things I found in my experiment is that it was VERY intimate on an emotional level, but the intimacy was measured out, spread around a bit, so it wasn't overwhelming to me.)

So then she said, 'Actually, I think I'd prefer to be someone's second girlfriend. Cos that would give me time on my own.'

She headed off home to go and do some work. And I stayed to make a painting.

This pic is based on a terrifically atmospheric photo by Victoria Frigerio. Her photo is titled 'Hotel Ilness' (that's the correct spelling).

I left a message in her comments section telling her I'd love to make a painting based on it. And she contacted me to say, 'Go ahead!' Yay!

I've really enjoyed making this one. Took me about 3 hours and five decaff cappuccinos. Nice.

Right now, the babe count of Doppio Zero has gone back up to 5 out of 5, cos there's a seriously gorgeous gal sitting at the next table. She has eyes similar to S's. Sigh. And she's been making eye contact. But she's with two dudes. And while I'm SURE she might CONSIDER polyamory once I've evangelised her, I somehow doubt I'm gonna get the chance. Sigh. I'd gladly be her second or third boyfriend.

This piece was painted on my Toshiba Tecra M4 tablet pc using ArtRage 2.2.

For more information about polyamory in South Africa, you can visit and You can also join the ZA Poly discussion forum at Random perverts are excluded from the list. So, seriously, only join that list if you're genuinely interested in poly. It's a moderated list, and membership is vetted.

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