Thursday, July 13, 2006

I've been tagged by Realist at Cerebral Yoga with a 'c'

Hmmmm. I've been tagged. By Realist. At Cerebral Yoga. In a post titled 'C stands for'. And my letter is 'c'.

Apparently, what this means is that I have to make a list of things starting with a 'c'. Or something like that. Phshew.

  • Cave (Nick)
  • Costello (Elvis)
  • le Carre (John)
  • CSS (cascading style sheets)
  • Computer artworks made on my tablet pc (check my Flickr gallery)
  • Caricature
  • Coitus interruptus
  • Coitus non-interruptus
  • Cappuccino (decaff)
  • Coffee-Shops
  • Cashflow
  • Clients that goddamn pay on time, goddammit!!!
  • Creativity
  • Creating
  • Convertible car (mine, Mazda Mx5 series 1)
  • Cellphone
  • Czech Republic -- Prague (haven't been; have been told that if I do, I'll want to stay)
  • Comedy, standup (I've done a bit of that; loved it; will do more)
  • Conversation
  • Counselling (I used to be a crisis counsellor; now I'm a therapy-evangelist; get yourself a therapist; do it; do it now)
  • Cats (I love love love cats; haven't had one since childhood, cos I don't fancy the idea of not being able to stay away from home for a night; which is pathetic, really, cos I'm actually a fully-fledged hermit who only gives the appearance of being gregarious and social and extroverted; in reality, I never answer my doorbell, and I get anxiety attacks when my home phone rings; and parties are a punishment for me, not a pleasure -- I'll go to them if I have to)
  • CRYPTONOMICON and SNOW CRASH and THE DIAMOND AGE and anything else by Neal Stephenson
  • Courage
  • Comfort
  • Connecting with 'S', my girlfriend
  • Contributing to the world (I ask three questions when I go to sleep: (1) What did I learn today? (2) What did I contribute? (3) What did I enjoy?)
That should do it for now.

So now what do I have to do with my tag apart from post it on my blog? Do I have to tag someone else? I'm not great with that sorta thing, cos it kinda constitutes spam in my mind, and I don't pass chain letters on. Even though I enjoyed doing this.

I've been going through some hair-raising times in the past few months, all connected to the death of my mother in early April, and all of the issues that have come up around her being an alcoholic since I was born, and my dad physically and sexually abusing her, and my brother and me consequently having been emotionally abused. Co-dependence starts with a 'c'. So I've been in an ultra-low space. I have depression and anxiety tendencies which I hide very well from the outside world.

So this has been nicely connecting and cathartic and cool. Thanks Realist.

Blue skies

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