Sunday, July 30, 2006

Roy Blumenthal, Voice-Over Artist, gives you some sample clips of his voice

Here are some of my voice-clips, in case you were thinking of using me as a voice artist.

Thanks to the wonders of ISDN, and the fact that South Africa has a very highly advanced advertising industry, I'm available to do work wherever you are.

The best way to book me is through my agent, Shane Vorster, at X-Factor. Phone
ZA +27 11 884 7515 or +27 11 884 7512. Email

Here they are:

Roy's Voice -- Character -- Home Tech Expo (with Jannes Eiselen in HardSell mode)
Here I play the 'Sound Engineer', with Jannes Eiselen playing 'The Hardsell Announcer'. (Book Jannes through his agent, Leads. Phone ZA +27 11 782 1162. Email

Roy's Voice -- Soft-Sell -- Karinna's Sparkling Water
This is me sounding soft and calm, lending some colour and class to a bottle of water.

Roy's Voice -- Corporate -- Action Mortgage
This is a straight corporate read, very close to my normal speaking voice.

Roy's Voice -- HardSell -- Hot, Sexy, Now!
I do a muscled hardsell on this spot. It's an alternate take on 'Hot
Sexy Now' which also features in this series of voice-pieces.

Roy's Voice -- Sexy-Sell -- Hot, Sexy, Now!
Here I do a sultry sexy-sell version of 'Hot Sexy Now', an alternate take to the hardsell version.

Roy's Voice -- Comedy Hardsell -- Interlink Airlines
I play both voices in this spot... the 'Singing Santa' and the 'Announcer'.
I'm looking forward to... uh... I'm listening forward... fast forwarding... uh... I'd love to do voice work for you!

Blue skies

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